Eyes Of Wonder

parenting worship Dec 08, 2018

I went into her room, rescued her from the confines of her crib, and brought her back to our bed. She gestured excitedly, with accompanying toddler sounds, towards the TV. I knew what she wanted immediately.

"Do you want to watch George, Evie?" I asked.

Evie's favorite show for some time now has been Curious George, which is ironic because they share pretty much an identical nature.



Overflowing energy?


Inadvertently destructive?


Sweet and affable?


And so it goes.

But the thing that really grabbed my attention today as Evie watched her favorite show was the wonder in her eyes. She laid there with her head on my pillow, eyes glued to the action on-screen. Her little blue eyes danced and I was captivated by it all. As she watched with eyes of wonder so did I.

But I wasn't watching Curious George.

I was watching her.

And then it struck me.

My daughter and I were both amazed but for very different reasons. She was caught up in the antics of a cartoon...

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