What neuroscience can teach us about ministry...

communication preaching Jan 05, 2020

 Leadership platitudes are a dime a dozen but here’s one I believe:

Leaders are readers.

But let’s broaden it a bit shall we?

Leaders are learners.

Whether you love to read or listen or watch is irrelevant.

What matters is that if you’re leading you don’t let your thinking grow stagnant.

One of my greatest fears is that my thinking will become rigid and inflexible...unable to process change, new challenges, or opportunities.

It's a scary thought...

Thus my quest to continually learn new things.

About ministry and church leadership, yes, but also other things.

Business, culture, current events, scientific breakthroughs, food, art, music, and even pop culture - just so I can retain at least a loose grip on what’s going on in the world around me.

Today I’d love to share a current learning passion of mine that might not seem relevant to you as a pastor or church leader.

But here goes...

It’s brain science!

Or perhaps more accurately: ...

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