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Hi, I'm Jake. A church planter and pastor with a passion to help leaders and churches grow!

I'm fully convinced that God wants your church to be healthy, effective, and to grow!

That's why He put you, the LEADER, in place. It's your role to lead strategically in order to see God's vision for your church come to pass. 

I'm excited to share what God's given to me in the area of church leadership and strategy with you! Check out our coaching community for pastors at the button below! 


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Courses and Books

Online Courses That Help Churches Grow

We create resources to help leaders grow and gain the practical ministry insights they need to succeed.

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UpLevel Leader is a membership for pastors and church leaders that want to see their church grow! 

Members get access to content (online course library worth over $3,000), coaching (a live monthly coaching session), and community (24/7 access to the members area for feedback and support).

The mission of UpLevel Leader is simple: Grow the leader. Grow the church.

See you on the inside! 

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