What to do if you're frustrated about your church not inviting people...

I hear this lament ALL the time from pastors, "Our people just won't invite!"

Well buckle up buttercup because I'm here to help.

People are fairly simple. They'll swim seas and climb mountains for what they truly value, the thing that's important to them...

I remember the days leading up to Christmas just a few years ago...there was a particular video game console that was in limited supply. Stores were only getting 1 or 2 units and people were snapping them up as soon as they hit the shelves. On Black Friday, people were lining up by the hundreds outside in the cold...spending the night even...just for a chance at the coveted prize...

Most left empty handed - only to rush across town to wait in another line...

Might seem crazy...but it illustrates an important truth: people will do almost anything to get what they really want.

Now back to your church.

The answer is easy and the fix is simple.

But we need to take some tough medicine first...

The real reason your church folks don't invite their friends, family, and neighbors comes down to one thing: it's not that important to them.

It's simple really. Whether it's inviting someone to church or to a new restaurant there's a certain level of resistance involved.

When a person goes out of their way to recommend something to another person it's actually kind of a big deal! Just think about yourself...your busy life...your daily problems and challenges....and you'll see what I mean.

Sure, Jesus told us to go into all the world and make disciples but it's easier said than done! When's the last time you invited someone to church? Today? Last week? Now think about Joe and Suzy Schmoe in your church. They're busy and probably the last thing on their mind after work, picking the kids up from soccer practice, and frantically trying to sit down to dinner with the kids once a week is inviting someone to church.

It's hard enough for them to just go to church...

That's the reality.

But this works both ways. And it can absolutely work in your favor as a leader.

Just use this simple formula: increased value = increased action.

If your people VALUE their church and what it represents they'll be much more likely to evangelize and invite. If you cast vision correctly and give your church the right tools they'll be unstoppable inviters.

This is one of the BIG LEVERS I teach leaders how to pull in our new membership community for church leaders: UpLevel Leader.

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Pastor Jake


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