Anatomy Of A Good Video Ad

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2018

So you're thinking about TV or Facebook ads for your church?


Here's an ad we used this Easter that got really good feedback! 


I'll break down what I think makes it work after you watch it! 


The ad is visually very simple and fits Joy Church branding. We want to project an uncomplicated and relaxing vibe so that people feel comfortable watching and hopefully coming to a service.

Most church ads show footage of the services and feature lots of people. There's nothing wrong with that but it definitely projects a more chaotic image. One person talking right to you is more engaging in my opinion.

Targeted Messaging

This ad isn't trying to communicate EVERYTHING about our church. It's an invitation to Easter Sunday. There's a little bit in there about our church (did you catch the line, "As always at Joy Church?") but it's mostly singular in focus.


What is it? Where is it? When is it? 

Those are the main questions people have whether it's an ad or a website. Don't get cute. Get to the meat of the message as soon as possible.

Clear Call To Action

Come to Joy Church on Easter Sunday! 

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this ad. As I said, we got really good feedback and a lot of people responded by coming to Joy Church on Easter Sunday! 

If you'd like more information on church marketing just click here.


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