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Introducing the Church Marketing Masterclass

The Church Marketing Masterclass is a tested and proven church growth program that will develop you as a leader and teach you how to implement a strategic growth plan for your church using Facebook, Big Days, Creative Outreach, and Organic Discipleship.

The program is designed to help you get rapid results by providing you with the top-level strategies and ground-level tactics you need to grow.

It doesn't matter if you have no experience using Facebook, Big Days, or Outreach in your church. Everything you need to know is presented step by step in this program.

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A Proven Process

Say goodbye to the unknown and get a proven process developed by local church leaders for local church leaders.

The Church Marketing Masterclass includes 4 online courses that you can access 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world. You won't have to worry about digital storage or losing your content. It's all securely hosted on our online platform. 

A Like-Minded Community

The kind of people you surround yourself with has a huge impact on your results. So, we've built an exclusive membership community into the program where you can interact, ask questions, get feedback, and build relationships with other leaders on the same journey as you.

And, it's available 24/7/365 so you're never alone in the process!

Dynamic Content

This program just keeps getting better...

The Church Marketing Masterclass is an "evergreen" program. It's constantly being refined and updated. Everything we teach is tested, proven, and up-to-date so you always have access to the best strategies and tactics available. 

An Expert Guide

When you need a guide you don't want want results. The Church Marketing Masterclass was created by Pastor Jacob Schmelzer, a veteran leader with a proven track record of growth. Jake is a church planter and pastor with over 15 years of ministry experience and a vision to develop world-class leaders.

As a part of the Church Marketing Masterclass you get access to regular live Q&A coaching calls with Pastor Jake and other leaders.


What Is The Church Marketing Masterclass?

  • A comprehensive church growth program (Information to Action to Transformation).
  • An online training program that goes into step by step detail on what you need to do.
  • Videosworksheetstemplates, and swipe-files so you can deploy the content rapidly.
  • The content is accessible and available 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world.
  • The goal is to develop YOU and your CHURCH so you can experience dynamic growth!

The Cohesive Learning Model

The Church Marketing Masterclass combines the three levels of learning so you get the best possible results.

Here's What's Included:

This isn't your typical "course." We provide everything you need to be successful.

  • Church Marketing Masterclass
  • Facebook Ads Pack for Churches
  • Kickstarting Church Growth
  • 10 Reasons People Don’t Come Back To Your Church
  • Ultimate Email For Churches
  • Access to the coaching community
  • Live Q&A Coaching Calls

Hear from pastors in the program...

 Pastor Rodney 

Fort Collins, CO


 Pastor Luis 

Tampa, FL


 Pastor Kirk 

Hedgesville, WV

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Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee

If you go through this program, watch the content, complete the exercises, and take action you will grow as a leader and you will know how to reach people. But, just in case you’re skeptical, I want to offer you a 14-day money back guarantee. Simply sign up for the program, watch the content, take action and if you’re not completely satisfied with it in the first 14-days you can request a full, immediate refund.

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