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The Kickstarting Church Growth Bundle


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This bundle includes TWO great courses!


  1. Kickstarting Church Growth 

  2. 10 Reasons People Don't Come Back To Your Church and What You Can Do About It!


You'll learn...

  • The R.A.D. Plan - Our 3 step ministry philosophy from Acts 2! The heart of our missional thinking at Joy Church!
  • How to build a culture of outreach in your church.
  • How to create a relational culture that people can't help but love.
  • How to cast a clear and compelling vision that your team will buy into.
  • How to make Sundays attractional and sticky so people come AND come back!
  • Practical tips and strategies for eliminating the things killing your Sundays (that you might not even realize exist!)
  • And so much more...

Does this stuff work?

That's the question that I'm sure is on your mind! You want to be a good steward of your resources. That's good! So, let me tell you a little of our story to help you see how this training can help you.

We planted Joy Church in March of 2016 without much money or many people. We had 29 folks (including kids) at our first service in our living room. All we had was passion and a Word from God. 

We were desperate to reach people and to grow. Our very first sermon was on reaching our city. That's how we were born! It wasn't long after that God put the RAD plan in my heart. It comes from Acts 2 and it became our core ministry philosophy. Relational culture. Attractional Strategy. Discipleship mission. 

We prayed, we served, we reached people, and we GREW!


At our first Easter we had 60 people and only two years later we had over 700 people...

50 people gave their lives to Jesus that day. 

From 2016 to now our church has grown to 400+ regular attenders and hundreds of servant leaders. 

And it started with a clear ministry philosophy. A God-given strategy that can work for you as well!

All you need to do is:

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2. Buy the bundle.

3. Begin your journey of growth!

Get the Kickstarting Church Growth Bundle for only $199!

Kickstarting Church Growth

Every pastor knows the feeling.

You want your church to grow but...

Attendance is flat.

No buzz.

No movement.

It can be discouraging.

But you don't have to settle for stuck.

Did you know God wants your church to grow more than you do?

It's true.

Those are His sons and daughters out there.

He wants to see them get connected to community, hope, and purpose.

He wants them to hear the gospel!

It's time to give it a kickstart and get people walking through the door.

In this course, I'll share a simple three-step strategy that we've used in our church to kickstart growth.

It's honestly amazing to see new people walk through the door every Sunday! 

I never get tired of it...and neither will you.

It's time to grow! 





10 Reasons People Don't Come Back to Your Church

They show up once.

But you don't see them again.

What's going on?

As hard as it is to get people in the door it's frustrating when it happens.

You know your church is awesome! 

You know people can find hope, purpose, and community there.

But they don't stick around long enough...

It's a problem every church faces.

On top of that, the stats about retention are enticing.

Did you know that growing churches see a 40% retention rate when people come back a second time?


If you can get people to come back you have a 40% chance of keeping them.

That's amazing.

Wouldn't you like to see that take place in your church?

You can. 

But you need to understand why they aren't coming back in the first place. 

This practical audio course will guide you through 10 of the main reasons people don't come back to your church and teach you HOW TO FIX THEM! 

Hear From Other Pastors

"Jake's the real deal. As a brand new church plant, he helped coach us into a Grand Opening Sunday of 220 people, and we're in a smallish town (under 40k). His marketing, facility, personnel and service advice saved us thousands of dollars and years of hard work, plus the personal grief of slow growth. Jake never gave the impression that slick marketing tactics took precedence over prayer and guidance, but he used the tools available to make a splash in a city, to clearly present what our church is about, and to leverage the power of t.v., social, and other media to attract new visitors...and it worked! Additionally, the same strategies we used to launch are reusable; we're able to create more buzz and multiply our rate of growth for years to come!"

Aaron and Dani
Lead Pastors

"Jake has helped coach me on strategically planning my Sundays and my marketing to increase growth, momentum, and a family atmosphere. His knowledge and encouragement have been priceless as we have planted and established our church."

Chris and Bri
Lead Pastors

It's Time For Your Church To Grow

Buy the Kickstarting Church Growth Bundle today and start creating a culture of outreach, evangelism, and growth in your church. There's no time to lose!

The "You'll Love It" Guarantee

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