How Our Church Grew From 20 To Over 400 In Only Two Years...

...and What We Learned Along the Way!

In this FREE workshop you'll learn:

✅ How we grew from an average of 20 people to over 400 a Sunday in only 2 years!

✅ The 3 Secrets of Growing Churches...what you may be missing

✅ The 2 Biggest Barriers to church growth and how to BREAK THEM DOWN!

✅ The #1 thing you should focus on if you want to GROW!

✅ How Jesus reached people and how you can too...WWJD?!

Hosted by Pastor Jacob Schmelzer

Jake is the lead pastor of Joy Church in Eugene, OR. Joy is a rapidly growing church that is known for innovative evangelism and outreach! Jake is passionate about helping pastors and leaders become Great at the Great Commission. 

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Did you know 85% of churches in North America are experiencing stagnation or decline in their attendance? 

But it doesn't have to be that way! 

Here's the thing...

It's not because pastors aren't praying or working hard!

In fact, pastors are putting in more effort and energy than ever!

So what's up?

Why is the North American church so ineffective at reaching people? 

In this FREE workshop you'll learn WHY and WHAT you can do to change it.

When we planted Joy Church in 2016 we had 20 people, no money, and no plan! 


I quickly realized that most of the training and resources for churches weren't really helping us GROW. 

So, we became 100% focused on solving that problem and it was only then we started to BREAK-THROUGH. 

We learned the 3 secrets of growing churches and the 2 biggest barriers to church growth that must be broken. 

We discovered the ONE THING we needed to FOCUS all of our energy, effort, and resources on to grow...

And we DID!

I can't wait to share this content with you! 

Just click the button, register for the workshop, and learn how to start growing!

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